As weather forecasters talk of a warm end to September, research from MORE TH>N Pet Insurance shows around one in seven (14%) of us forget to give our dogs water on a hot day, with the dangers of over-heating and dehydration very real, especially for those left in hot cars (which is why we’re helping Dogs Trust spread the message that they should never be left in a vehicle, even on a mild day).

To help owners keep an eye of their dog’s temperature, MORE TH>N is developing the UK’s first ‘Thermocollar’ – a dog collar with a built-in thermometer that is currently undergoing trials (see pic).

Vet Pete Wedderburn explains that once a dog’s temperature rises to 105oF he’ll start to feel uncomfortable in the heat. If he then experiences prolonged exposure to heat, physiological changes start to take place and the dog begins to experience the effects of heatstroke. The MORE TH>N Thermocollar will start to flash red when the dog’s temperature reaches 103.5oF, alerting owners to take action.

Pete says: “One of the biggest seasonal problems suffered by dogs is the risk of overheating and dehydration
. The MORE TH>N Thermocollar will be an innovative way to demonstrate to owners the problems faced by our canine companions on hot days so that appropriate action can be taken before it’s too late.”

Pet owners who have insurance with MORE TH>N can get free advice from qualified RCVS vet nurses about the health of their pets by calling vetfone on 0800 072 8190. The service is available 24/7.

Download the Dogs Trust’s ‘Hot cars kill dogs’ poster at


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