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Runners in the town of Elkmont, Alabama, were put to shame this week when a dog placed seventh in the town’s inaugural half-marathon, the Trackless Track, out of 156 human competitors.

Credit WeRunHuntsville-G Gelmis & J Armstrong 2

Adorable Ludivine, a two-and-a-half-year-old Bloodhound, wandered out of her owner’s yard on 16 January and joined the start of race, completing it in an impressive 1:32:56, despite lots of distractions, including enticing puddles and a smelly dead rabbit.

Tim Horvath, who beat Ludivine to sixth place, appealed to v olunteers at the end of the race that the dog had run for more than an hour and needed water. Horvath told Runner’s World that Ludivine came up to him in the parking lot before the race and can vouch for her success.

“She came bouncing up, and I petted her on the head. I saw her collar, so I just figured she was somebody’s dog,” he said. “Elkmont is a small town where everyone knows everybody, so it didn’t strike me as unusual.”

Ludivine’s owner, April Hamilton, didn’t realise her dog was missing until she was sent photographs of Ludivine at the finish line. Ludivine received a medal and now holds the honour of having the event named after her – next year, the race will be called ‘Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half’!

Credit WeRunHuntsville-G Gelmis & J Armstrong 1

Go Ludivine!

Photo credit – All images – © WeRunHuntsville, G.Gelmis, J.Armstrong


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