When dog owner Lyn Kirkwood realised that Cagney, her little Lhasa Apso, was oddly quiet, she began looking for her around the house – at first without success. Finally, Cagney was found… wedged head-first in an electric reclining chair.

A call to the RSPCA and then the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were necessary to get her out, as she was so firmly stuck the chair’s metal frame had to be dismantled to pull her out.


Animal welfare officer David Hatton said, “The fire service were absolutely brilliant. They were able to dismantle the metal frame until she could free herself. It was a careful process, but luckily they were able to get her out uninjured.”

Cagney seemed entirely unfazed by her little adventure, and just went to have a drink before she settled by her owner like nothing had happened.


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