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Poh first melted the hearts of dog owners around the world in March 2015, when his owners took him on a big adventure across the US. After vets discovered inoperable tumors in Poh’s abdomen in February 2015, the 15-year-old Labrador was expected to live for only a month at most, but he managed to surpass all expectations and saw the end of the trip and more.

Poh was scheduled for euthanasia but died naturally on 12 February 2016. His devoted owners Thomas Neil Rodriguez and Goumada believe their road trip is what kept him going almost a year after his diagnosis. Poh’s journey was documented on Instagram for his 130,000 followers to see and as well as visiting over 35 cities, Poh was also guest of honour at his owners’ wedding.

Belly rubs on the grass at the National mall In dc. Now that's what I call presidential treatment.

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My family #pohthedogsbigadventure. Photo by @rememberwhenfamilyphoto

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Since Poh’s death Thomas has continued to post photos in tribute and in a recent post said:

“I am thoroughly convinced (although I can’t medically prove it) that #pohthedog was able to not just survive but thrive in his last year of life because of our road trips together.”

“Dogs, like humans in their old age, need to be simulated – to keep them alert, to keep their synapses firing and their legs moving. Our trips allowed that component of keeping a senior dog healthy to happen on a large level. Most of all, dogs in their old age just want to be with their parents.”

For dog owners caring for senior dogs, he also had this message:

“Please remember everyone out there struggling with the caring for a senior pup, that you don’t have to go cross country to give the same to your seasoned veterans. A weekend trip to a lake, shoot even a 15 minute drive to a different dog park would probably do some wonders. Again, the underlying important thing is that you are with them.”

Featured image credit: Poh The Dogs Big Adventure/Instagram


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