A pet dog has been killed by a police dog is what has been described as ‘an unfortunate incident’.

Three-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Barbie was being walked on a quiet Lincolnshire lane on Monday night when she was set upon by a black German Shepherd.

Barbie’s owner, Charles Giermak, told the Lincolnshire Echo, “It was an unprovoked attack – the dog came out of nowhere and it went for the kill. The dog grabbed her, and held her in position, shaking her like a rag doll… I went at the dog a couple of times and started kicking it, but then I felt I had to hold back in case it attacked me.

“The handler seemed some distance away. When he came up he took control of the dog and it obeyed.

“I understand police dogs need to be exercised and trained but they should be muzzled. They should be classed the same as dangerous dogs.”

Barbie’s extensive injuries, including a fractured spine, led to her being put down by a vet a short time later.

“I asked to be there when she was put to sleep,” Charles said. “It was like she was no longer the same dog anymore.

“Candy, Barbie’s daughter has never been alone – she is constantly looking for her mother.

“As a family we are devastated.”

A police spokesperson said: “PC Mick Judge, the officer involved, is a dog lover as well as a professional handler. He is very upset at what has happened.

“The incident is being investigated and we will of course compensate the owner of the dog for all the vet fees.”


Main photograph by Charles Giermak via the BBC


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