With only 67 puppy registrations with the Kennel Club in 2014, the Sussex Spaniel is listed as a vulnerable native breed by the KC. The Sussex Spaniel Association is planning a get-together at the Sussex Country Show in Parham Park, near Pulborough, on Sunday 19 June. Their mission: getting more people to know about their beloved breed.

This is not their first gathering at the Sussex Country show.  Sheila Appleby, vice president of the Sussex Spaniel Association, says, “When we first went to Parham, we found that many folk who lives in the county of Sussex didn’t know that there was a breed called Sussex Spaniel, and that it was originally bred there.”

The 2010 gathering saw a record presence of 73 Sussex Spaniels. A large number for such a rare breed, and one Sheila is hoping to beat this year. If you are a proud Sussex Spaniel owner, or if you’d like to meet some, then you shouldn’t miss ‘Sussex at the Sussex 2016’!

Click here to find out more about Sussex Spaniels, and here to visit the Sussex Country Show website.

Image by the Sussex Spaniel Association.


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