Get ready to feel! The Marin Humane Society in California have posted a reunion video between a little rescue dog named Cora and her puppies. The family were separated when Cora’s owner surrendered her for rehoming. Shelter staff realised Cora had recently had puppies, so worked to convince the owner to give them up too, as they were far too young to be away from her.

The video below has now had well over two million views on Facebook! At first, Cora is shown to be cowering nervously at the back of her kennel, until the puppies are gently introduced back to her. Her maternal instincts kick in at the sound of the puppies’ cries, and you can see she is flooded with relief and joy.

The shelter have named the puppies after Downton Abbey characters, as their mum is called Cora. They are now Branson, Carson,  Moseley, and Edith.

We love a happy ending!


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