Ever fancied going for a meal followed by some quality time with a pack of Huskies? Thailand may have just the place for you!

TrueLove Café @ Neverland Siberians in Bangkok, Thailand has become a Husky lovers dream come true. It is giving visitors, who would otherwise not meet a Husky, the opportunity to learn about the different Husky breeds and spend an hour interacting with them.

The 22 sled dog types varying in breed and origin are mostly imported from the USA and Europe, although some dogs were born at Neverland Siberians.


The idea of cat and dog cafés has been very popular in Thailand but Neverland Siberians owner and husky breeder Chotiros Ratanabirabongse says they are different.

“We are not a cafe,” says Chotiros. “The restaurant part is just for the customers to sit and have something to eat while waiting to interact with the Huskies. The visiting hours are determined by the time that the dogs are scheduled to come out to the playground so we operate in rounds or sessions.

“All the dogs live their normal lives and when they are to come out to the playground the visitors can join them. All the dogs stay in the air conditioned rooms in their own house and come out to the playground five times a day by the schedule. The main purpose of opening TrueLove @ Neverland is to let people come to learn more about the breed as we are in the hot and humid country. I want them to know about how they should take care of them and get to know their nature.”


Chotiros is dedicated to making sure her dogs are happy and healthy, and had even built a running track in Petchburi so her dogs could run freely. All visitors are briefed before meeting the Huskies; no food is allowed into the play area and everyone must where the footwear provided to keep to Chotiros’s cleanliness standards.

The Huskies have their own running track built in a different province – this is not open to the public.

You’ll need a reservation if you plan on visiting the TrueLove Café. Playtime sessions open to the public two to three times a day. Go to their Facebook page Neverland Siberians to find out more.


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