A female lurcher has been found in a terribly emaciated condition in a Norfolk field, and the RSPCA want to know who abandoned her.

Now named Bella, the dog was discovered near Greenways in Newton Flotman on last Friday morning, 4 March, by a concerned member of the public. Bella was rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital for urgent care, and it is clear she had been neglected for quite some time.



RSPCA inspector Laura Sayer said, “When I arrived at the vets on Friday afternoon I was shown poor Bella. She was in extremely poor body condition and was so weak she could hardly stand.

“She had no interest in her surroundings, people or even food – all she wanted to do was to lay down.”

Laura added, “Anyone with any information is urged to call me on our inspectors’ appeal line in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.”

Thankfully, Bella is quickly bouncing back, and will hopefully find her forever home soon, once she has fully recovered from her ordeal.

“Bella’s condition is said to be improving and thankfully her appetite has returned,” said Laura. “The last update I received was from the veterinary nurses who said ‘she’s eating us out of house and home!'”

Eat up, Bella!

Photographs courtesy of the RSPCA.


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