Who is waiting for you? This new advert from Dogs Trust is totally heart-wrenching, as we follow one rescue dog’s hopes and dreams of his #SpecialSomeone. Will his knitted owner even become the real thing?

Grab the tissues, turn up the volume and prepare to feel…

Dogs Trust said of the new advert, “We hope to raise awareness of rescue dogs and persuade anyone thinking of getting a dog to visit a Dogs Trust centre and change a rescue dog’s life forever.

“The growing trend in buying new dogs online has, to an extent, resulted in the rescue dog being forgotten by all but a very special type of owner we describe as ‘Quiet Heroes’ – people who would never consider themselves heroes but to the dogs they rehome they’re life changers; a special someone.

“The #SpecialSomeone campaign aims to overcome the buying trend by bringing to life just how important a new owner is to the dogs they rehome.”


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