Four-year-old crossbreed Boston, from Dalry, is the latest recipient of a devotion award from veterinary charity PDSA, for “enriching the life of his owner and helping to boost her confidence”.

Owner Nicola Russell, 29, suffers with a number of physical and mental health problems. According to her carer, Anna Hinks, she often relies on wheelchairs and needs someone else’s help to cope with leaving the house.Owner Nicola Russel and Boston with his PDSA Commendation, which was presented by PDSA Vet john Faulkner

“Even going out into the garden was a real struggle for her,” Anna says.

Nicola, who adopted Boston as a puppy, says that he is more than her dog: he’s her best friend.

“We do everything together and he makes me feel safe and wanted. I have a number of disabilities which mean that I struggle to go out on my own. I always needed my carer with me to leave the house until I had Boston. He puts his head on my lap to keeps me calm,” she says. “Boston has also learnt to walk next to my wheelchair and never pulls me – he is so patient.”

With Boston’s help, Nicola has also been able to attend dog training classes, including the Prancing Paws class, which teaches dogs heelwork to music.

Boston was presented with his award by PDSA Principal Regional Vet, John Faulkner, who says, “It is clear that Boston has had a massive impact on Nicola’s life and is a worthy recipient of the PDSA Commendation.”

Image by PDSA.


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