Found wandering stray on the streets of Fresno, California, Toby the Australian Shepherd was almost put to sleep. But thankfully he was rescued by his perfect match – an owner of a freak show!



Todd Ray owns the Venice Beach Freakshow in Los Angeles, and jumped at the chance to give Toby a new home. Despite his divided nose, the two-year-old dog was found to be in perfect health following a vet check, and now Toby spends his days with the freak show’s visitors, being fussed and cuddled. He has been a huge hit!


‘Everyone that meets Toby loves him – he’s the sweetest dog on Earth,’ Ray said.

‘I’m fascinated by weird animals’ beautiful differences and by the magical lessons that they teach us. The uniqueness of their forms show us that normal doesn’t exist.

‘The sad thing is that, at this time, people are at a place where they will let a two-nosed dog get put down before they will adopt him – only because he looks different.’

Photographs all via YouTube/venicebeachfreakshow


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