Pleading puppy eyes are a familiar sight for any dog owner who’s getting ready to enjoy a meal – and good luck properly enjoying it, with your best friend bent on making you feel guilty for every bite you don’t share.

Award-winning Thai takeaway Camile, based in Dublin, Ireland, has found a way to solve the problem and allow their customers to enjoy their delivered meal: for just €2.95 – about £2 – customers can get a treat for their dog as well.

The delivery treat, called Doggylicious Rice Pudding, is creamy coconut rice pudding on mango puree and is said to be “a proven cure for Starving Puppy Eyes Syndrome as you enjoy your Camile guilt free”. Not to mention that it just might keep you from giving in and feeding your dog something from your plate that they’d be better off not eating!

Camile has nine branches, but at the moment only pooches in Dublin can enjoy the luxury of a delivered doggie treat. However, if they’re successful – and there are a few owners already sharing pictures of their dogs lapping up their treat! – more  restaurants may introduce a doggie treat to go with the delivery.

With 8.5 millions British household estimated to have a dog, there would be no shortage of tail-wagging customers willing to try it out.

Image by Camile.


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