One-and-a-half-year-old Luna was feared dead after she disappeared off the side of a fishing boat on February 10. Her owner Nick Hayworth reported her missing and after a two-day search of San Clemente Island, two miles from where Luna had gone missing, there was no sign of the dog. Nick accepted that the Southern California waters had claimed her life.

But on Tuesday the blue-eyed beauty reappeared! Navy staff spotted Luna on the side of the road on San Clemente Island wagging her tail. Luna had indeed made it to shore.


Luna after she was found. Facebook/Naval Base Coronado

“They were shocked,” Sandy DeMunnik, spokesperson for the naval base, told BuzzFeed News. “There are no domestic animals on the island because of the very sensitive environmental programs that take place there.”

Luna was checked over by a biologist from San Diego Zoo, and was found to be in generally good health despite her mysterious five weeks away. It is thought she survived by hunting and eating mice.

She will be reunited with her owner next week, as he is currently working away. He is said to be ecstatic to have his best friend back.


Facebook/Naval Base Coronado

In the meantime, Naval Air Base Commander Stephen Barnett bestowed upon the dog a very special tag: “For Luna, keep the faith.”

Featured image from Facebook/Nick Hayworth


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