New research, based on a survey of 2,301 UK cat and dog owners, has shown the average dog owner in Britain is spending more than £50 a month on dog food.

The insurance provider Protect Your Bubble believes it’s possible to feed a dog for less than half this spend. The average monthly spend on feeding a dog is estimated at £54.21 – more than a quarter of the cost to feed a human – but many would argue their pooch was worth it.

The insurance provider says six tins of wet pet food can cost around £2.50 in supermarkets, so it’s possible to feed a dog for around £20 per month.

12.2 percent of dog owners claim to be spending an incredible £90 – £150 per month on food for their pampered pet. More than a third of owners said they feed their pets some ‘human’ food – mainly as treats and 6.8 per cent claim their pets simply refuse to eat ordinary pet food.

More than one in 10 dogs live on diets of ‘human’ food – of cooked or raw meat, and leftovers from owners’ meals. Chicken being the most popular choice for dogs.

Stephen Ebbett, global director of pet insurance provider Protect Your Bubble, says, “Assuming prices stayed the same as today, keeping a cat for 16 years now costs close to £10,000 for food and vet bills, while a two-dog household must budget £1,301 a year just to feed their canine brood. But it is possible to keep pet food costs down, if your pet can stomach wet, tinned food.

Are dog owners paying too much to keep their dog fed and healthy? Are our pets getting fussier with their food? Tell us your favourite dog food brand and why in our Superbowl survey! Follow this link to take the survey and results will be revealed in our June issue.


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