Chi Chi means ‘loving’ in Korean – and that’s exactly what she is, to have forgiven humans for what she went through. Chi Chi was discovered by rescue workers outside a rural meat market in South Korea, left for dead in a black plastic bag on a rubbish tip. She was found to have suffered horrendous injuries as a result of being prepared for the meat trade; her legs had been bound together, with the twine digging into her skin, cutting the tendons and rotting her away. Her flesh was so destroyed she couldn’t be eaten. Instead she had been callously discarded.


Chi Chi when she was discovered

Chi Chi’s rescuers rushed her to the vet, where she was put on a drip and given antibiotics. The infection in all four of her legs was so advanced however, that she was soon taken in for amputation surgery. It is believed Chi Chi was hung up and beaten as a puppy, a practice believed to improve dog meat. Despite this unimaginable ordeal, Chi Chi was up and about playing with a tennis ball just a day after her operation, wagging her tail!


Chi Chi rests after treatment

After a period of rehabilitation at a South Korean veterinary centre, Chi Chi soon learnt to walk on her elbows, and has now been fitted four prosthetic paws. In March, Chi Chi was flown to the United States, and with support from Animal Rescue Media and Entertainment (ARME), she has found her forever home.


Chi Chi’s incredible resistance and sweet nature have now made her symbol for all dogs suffering in the barbaric meat trade – a practice with which only a small minority of Korean people are involved with.

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“When we can love through the darkest of dark places, we have truly transcended humanity and become omnipotent. Chi Chi is teaching me this every day.” – Shannon Keith, President & Founder, ARME

All photographs via ARME 


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