Unusually for a dog, Jet adores visiting the vet. Once the young Lurcher had met Dogs Trust Leeds vet John Wannop, Jet was very much attached.

Rehoming Centre Manager, Amanda Sands, says: “Our vets are wonderful and have a great relationship with our dogs, but of course some of the dogs would prefer to be heading to the fields to play rather than the vet suite. That’s not the case for Jet!

“He is always happy to see his two-legged friends but whatever he’s doing and whoever he’s with, if he sees John out and about on site or even if he’s being walked near the veterinary suite, he gets excited and starts pulling towards the building. It is lovely to see, especially as Jet hasn’t had the easiest of lives.”


Poor Jet has been in kennels for quite a long time. He landed in the pound as a stray at the end of 2013, and came to Dogs Trust four months later after failing to find a home. As a young black male crossbreed, he is a fairly typical rescue dog and sadly very easy to forget.

“He is a really handsome, friendly boy and we’re flummoxed as to why he has been overlooked by thousands of visitors,” says Amanda. “He loves running around the fields, playing, doing training; he can now sit and lie down on command as well as roll on his side as if he’s asleep. He is really eager to learn and build a bond with people and loves cuddles and being tickled and stroked.

“If someone out there is looking for a friendly, energetic, loving dog, then they need to come and meet Jet and give him the chance to lead the wonderful life he deserves.”

You can find out more about Jet here

Featured photograph from KJ Photography Leeds


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