A young Schnauzer has had a lucky escape after getting her head trapped between two metal fence railings whilst out on an afternoon walk last Wednesday (23 March).

RSPCA and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called to a fence in Bonis Crescent, Stockport to rescue five-month-old Juno. Juno was stuck for half an hour while the rescue was carried out.


Animal Welfare Officer, Steve Wickham, says, “Juno was out on her walk and, as a young, excitable dog, was running around very fast. She ran full pelt into the fence and her head went straight in between the bars. I don’t know for sure how she managed to do it but once her head was in there it was completely stuck.

“Juno’s worried owner contacted us straightaway and I got there as soon as I could. The assistance I received from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service was invaluable and together we managed to free her by slowly pulling the bars enough for her to get her head out.

“Thankfully, Juno was completely uninjured and her tail was wagging as soon as we got her free.”

Photos all RSPCA


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