Brindle greyhound Jasper has been overlooked by potential owners for six months – as he is always asleep when they visit! The snoozy boy lives at the Dogs Trust Snetteton centre in Norfolk, and so far no one has shown any interest in giving him a more permanent home. While Jasper dreams away at the back of his kennel, other more energetic dogs are begging at the bars and winning hearts.

Dogs Trust Snetterton Supporter Relations Officer Lara Murphy explains: “We take in hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes but I have never met a dog who sleeps quite as much as Jasper. He is a real character and, when he is awake, is a sweet-natured, fun-loving affectionate lad who adores people and playing games. Jasper is exceptionally handsome so it’s a bit of a shame he is often snoozing when he could be showing himself off to potential owners. He is a young happy, healthy dog who, like some people, just happens to really enjoy sleeping.

“It is a bit of a myth that Greyhounds need lots of exercise in fact the complete opposite is true. As Jasper demonstrates daily – they are actually quite lazy creatures and though they need a few short bursts of exercise a day, they are actually more than happy to curl up and snooze for most of the day. Dogs Trust believe that approximately 3,500 ex- racing greyhounds are unaccounted for every year in the UK, but as statistics are not published by the Greyhound industry the true scale of the problem is difficult to assess. Dogs Trust successfully rehomed 200 ex-racing Greyhounds across their 20 Rehoming Centres to loving families last year – and would rehome many more if they are made available to us by the industry for rehoming.”

Japser sleeping (Custom) (Custom)
Jasper gets comfy

Laura continues, “Many people assume that ex-racers are not suitable pets because they need so much exercise but though Jasper may be exceptionally laid back, as a rule ex-racers require less constant exercise than the majority of breeds.”

Jasper is between five and seven years old, and is committed to a relaxed life after finishing his racing career. He loves his morning run – but will then happily sleep the day away. He is sociable with dogs his size, loves his food, and a quiet home with a comfy bed is an absolute must!

Find out more about Jasper here.

Images courtesy of Dogs Trust


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