Today, 6 April, marks the day chipping your dog becomes mandatory in England, Scotland and Wales – but over one million dogs in the UK are still not microchipped, according to Defra stats. An even higher number of dog owners’ contact details are not up to date on their microchip record, as previously reported. This is also against the new law, which mandates the owner’s details on the chip must be kept up to date.

Anyone who hasn’t yet microchipped their dog have a further 21 days, starting today, to do so. Failure to comply may result in a fine of £500.

Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko says, “ The regulations highlight the importance of dog owners ensuring that they not only register their pet’s details on an approved database but ensure their contact details are accurate and up to date – not only because this is now a legal requirement but also because it is in the interest of the welfare of their dogs to do so.

In order to raise awareness of the new law, the Kennel Club have launched a new website with everything dog owners need to know about compulsory microchipping.

Caroline adds, “The microchipping regulations will go a long way towards improving dog welfare by ensuring that dog owners are more aware of their responsibilities, and because microchipping and keeping contact details up to date helps ensure speedy reunification of a missing dog with its owner.”

Image by Geoff Caddick/PA Wire.


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