In an act of imaginable cruelty, street dog Manny was scalded with boiling oil and hacked at with a machete. He was then left to die on a Colombian beach.

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Via Facebook/Maureen Cattieu

Thankfully he was found by the best possible individual: Maureen Cattieu, the founder of Cartagena Paws, a organisation dedicated to helping the many injured and abused street animals of Cartagena, Colombia. Manny was sheltered from the sun, and then taken to receive much-needed veterinary care.

While Manny recovered from his ordeal, Maureen set about trying to find him a new home – no mean feat, given the sheer number of homeless dogs regularly pulled from the streets of Colombia. Thankfully, through the power of the internet, Anne Darmsteader saw a post about Manny and knew she had to help. Over thousands of miles, she reached out to Maureen and together they planned Manny’s journey to his new life, from Cartagena in Colombia to Buffalo, New York.

Via Facebook/Maureen Cattieu

Anne Darmstedter told Buffalo News, “I just want him to feel like he has a family. I can’t wait to start loving him and spoiling him. I’ll be driving him around and bringing him to meet my family.”

Manny will now live in peace and free from pain, with two Dachshunds called Frank and Cooper.

Via Facebook/Anne Darmstedter
Via Facebook/Anne Darmstedter

For more stories about street dogs like Manny, please visit Cartagena Paws and find out how you can help them.

Featured image via Facebook/Maureen Cattieu


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