April has seen Sri Lanka’s worst heatwave in over 140 years, and the country’s stray dogs are struggling more than usual – but none more so than Rylie. Last Thursday a team of volunteers from DogStar Foundation discovered this stray puppy limping along the roadside in Negombo. He was hours from death.


Rylie was covered in mange and scabs, with no fur left on his back to protect him from the baking sun. He was incredibly nervous but so severely dehydrated that he overcame his fears to accept water from the volunteer team. He was then loaded into their car for treatment.


In the days since his rescue, Rylie has known love and respect, perhaps for the very first time in his short life. The Dogstar Foundation has him in foster care, where he’ll receive all the ongoing medical treatment he so desperately needs. It is hoped his skin will soon begin to heal, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll look like with a proper glossy coat!


DogStar’s founder Samantha Green said, “the life of an uncared for street animal can be wretched. Entire lives spent without any positive human contact, basic shelter or veterinary care. These animals suffer from hunger, constant torment from preventable and treatable skin conditions and parasitic infections. Dogs and cats are at constant risk of being trapped in illegal snares, injured in fights over territory, contracting sexually transmitted diseases or being exposed to fatal diseases like rabies. In Sri Lanka, the most effective way to deal with the street dog overpopulation crisis is through education, sterilisation and vaccination.”


We’ll keep you updated on Rylie’s progress, but in the meantime you can find out how to help Sri Lanka’s strays by visiting DogStar Foundation’s website.

All images courtesy of DogStar Foundation.


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