We have all been there: you walk past a supermarket and realise you need to buy something, but you’re out with your dog and he’s not allowed in. Of course, most supermarkets offer posts for you to tie your dog to – but it only takes a moment for a dog, especially a small one, to be snatched. It is simply not worth the risk. Even if not stolen, your dog may be approached by unfamiliar people with the best intentions, which may cause distress and, in the worst case scenario, even a bite.

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“Dogs are allowed on these premises through the use of the dedicated carts showing this logo. When done shopping, please let the information box know you’re returning the cart, so that or personnel can proceed to clean it.”

Gianfranco Galantini, director of a Unes supermarket in Varese, northern Italy, decided to lend a helping hand to at least the owners of small to medium dogs by introducing specially designed shopping carts, with a separate section for the dog to sit in while their owners shop.

“This is a new initiative, but we have already noticed how much the shoppers appreciate it,” he said. “The space for the dogs is obviously separated from the part where the shopping goes, and is cleaned after each use.”

So far, he added, no dogs who used the service gave any problem: a few moments of barking right after being placed in the cart for the first time, and that was it.

While this initiative was taken in one single supermarket, it had such success that now the main company’s board is looking into providing these carts to all of their supermarkets.

“The idea of a cart for dogs is fantastic,” a shopper wrote on the company’s Facebook page. “Leaving Fido outside makes me nervous, because I’m afraid he may be stolen. This is why I only choose pet-friendly shops!”

Here’s hoping this idea spreads…

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Images by Unes.



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