Photo: Adam Szymborski

Roxanne the Rottweiler is an incredible mother; not only is she raising her own 4-week-old litter of 11 Rottie pups, she has turned surrogate mum to nine (!) Giant Schnauzer puppies, today only five days old. But with 20 little lives relying on her, she is taking it all in her stride.

Photo: Mike Davis Photography
Photo: Adam Szymborski

It all started last Friday, when a desperate plea was circulated amongst various breed groups on Facebook. A litter of healthy Schnauzer puppies had been born via Caesarean section, but tragically their mother had not survived the procedure.

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Roxanne’s owners, Adam Szymborski and Serena Spearey of Killala Rottweilers, felt compelled to help.

Adam told us, “our own litter of 11 Rottweilers were just over three weeks and starting on solids, so the timing wasn’t perfect, but we knew the Giant Schnauzers’ best chance was to be raised naturally. We made contact in case there was nobody else in a better position.”

The Schnauzer breeder from Foxwood Giants jumped at the chance – within 24 hours, the vulnerable puppies had arrived at Killala Rottweilers.

Adam continues, “Roxanne had her head straight into the laundry basket they had travelled in, smelling them and licking, and her maternal instinct kicked in. Serena climbed into our whelping box with Roxanne joining her, settled down and the pups were put on the milk bar, filling themselves up. Roxanne washed them and things were looking good!”

Photo: Adam Szymborski
Photo: Adam Szymborski.

Four days on, the family has bonded beautifully.

“The puppies in their routine, sleeping under the heatlamp or away as they fancy, then waking and calling for ‘mum’. Roxanne climbs in once again to feed and clean them, before they wander back over to the heatlamp with stuffed bellies for another snooze.”

Adam hopes this story will encourage people to think again about Rottweilers – they aren’t the monsters they are often portrayed to be.

Roxanne with one of her own pups. Photo: Adam Szymborski
Roxanne with one of her own pups. Photo: Mike Davis Photography.

“Roxanne is a fantastic mum, attentive but laid back, an ambassador for the breed – a ‘supermom’, now not only caring for her adopted litter but still taking care of her 4-week-old pups too, that are now being topped up with freshly squeezed goats milk and minced chicken/turkey/pheasant carcasses.”

Well done Roxanne!

Featured image by Adam Szymborski.


  1. they are gentle giants, such a beautiful breed and as we all know and have said all too often, its not the dog to blame for their behaviour but the owners !!!!! Great big well done Roxanne and to her obviously very caring owners xxxx

  2. What a beautiful story! I love mini schnauzers but the giant ones get huge. Rotties get a bad rep but are amazing dogs. My husbands sister and brother both had one when all our kids were small and they were so great with the kids. The kids practically rolled around with them or rode on their back and the dogs were so gentle with them. This is a sweet girl to take on foster pups. Great job everyone! Love these happy endings. Sorry for the loss of the other litters mother.


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