A morbidly obese Dachshund in Texas has transformed into a healthier, happier dog thanks to a Houston animal shelter and his foster owner.

Seven-year-old Vincent, once dubbed ‘Fat Vincent’, weighed a shocking 38 pounds, the ideal weight is 16 pounds. Vincent was so overweight that his belly touched the ground as he walked and his back sloped downwards in the middle.

Vincent was surrendered to K-9 Angels Rescue, Texas, in September 2015, after his elderly owner died. His foster mother Melissa Anderson says, “It took about eight months for him to lose 20 lbs. We believe he was eating fast food because he gets so excited at a Starbucks drive-through window!

“Vinnie lost weight the old fashioned way by eating less and moving more. He spent the first few months in the pool with me and after about three months, he was able to take short walks. Today, he walks 45min to an hour five to six times a week. He’s always been a willing participant because he just wants to be with people so if that means jumping in the pool or walking the neighborhood, he’s game! He’s such a sweet dog.”

‘Skinny Vinnie’, as he’s now called, has slimmed down to 17.5 pounds due to a healthier diet and new exercise routine. He’s now on track to being healthy enough for a new owner.


Photo credit: Facebook/K-9 Angels Rescue


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