When Phoebe’s first owners had a new baby, they thought they were doing the kindest thing by finding her a new home where she could have more time and attention. Unfortunately, they sold her on Gumtree – and Phoebe didn’t get the better life they had envisioned. Just one week after her online sale, Phoebe was involved in a horrendous road traffic accident. This beautiful young Lurcher was hit by a van and sent skidding along the road. Her thigh opened up on the tarmac as she lost her top layer of skin, leaving her with a raw, gaping wound.

Via The Mayhew.

When he learned of the cost of her veterinary treatment, Phoebe’s new owner refused to pay – instead insisting she be put to sleep. Luckily, The Mayhew Animal Home was contacted – and Phoebe was saved.

Via The Mayhew.

Phoebe has been incredibly brave through her whole recovery, despite experiencing incredible pain, having her wound stapled together, and facing it all in the company of unfamiliar new people. Things could have been very different for her though; selling pets over the internet through sites like Gumtree can have even more serious welfare implications. These places can be a hub for illegal breeders, dog fighters and puppy traffickers, as there’s no basic checks on buyers or sellers.

Adopting or surrendering pets through rescue organisations like The Mayhew ensures that animals are well-cared for, as proper veterinary checks are made, and adopters are assessed to gauge their commitment and responsibility.

Via The Mayhew.

Could you be Phoebe’s third time lucky? Find out more about her here.


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