A dog-loving couple from Seattle, US, have created an ingenious treat business for dogs (and their owners) on the go.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest you may just meet Ben and Dawn Ford in their 1968 Chevy Step Van, called Buster. The owners of The Seattle Barkery travel around local dog parks, dog-friendly breweries, farmers’ markets and other Seattle events, treating dogs to their specialist doggie menu. Owners can also order a cup of coffee from the human menu.

Credit: The Seattle Barkery/Facebook
Credit: The Seattle Barkery/Facebook
“As a former dog walker, I made treats for my clients during a time when there were a lot of store-bought treat recalls,” says Dawn. “My clients’ dogs loved them so much that they wanted to start buying them, which turned the light bulb on for a new treat business!
“We did one summer at the local farmers market with the standard table and tent set up – that is a lot of work! There was a fashion bus at the market which was my inspiration for finding a treat truck that could house all my treats and eliminate the need to set up weekly at the markets. That spawned the Seattle Barkery and our truck Buster.”

The menu has been approved by their own three rescue dogs, Bernie, eight, Aussie cross, Sherman, six, Pekingese cross and Marvh, 14, their blind Pekingese.

Credit: Dirtie Dog Photography
Bernie, Sherman and Marvh Credit: Dirtie Dog Photography
“Our best selling products are the bacon pupcake, the pumpkin pretzel and the cheddar biscuits!”
Best seller the bacon pupcake Credit: Dirtie Dog Photography
Best sellers the pumpkin pretzel and bacon pupcake Credit: Dirtie Dog Photography
Best seller the pumpkin pretzel Credit: Dirtie Dog Photography

See their website The Seattle Barkery to find their future events.


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