Beau is a beautiful 2-year-old rescue dog from Spain. She was lucky to be taken off the streets and brought to the UK, where she found a new home straight away. Sadly, she developed some behavioural issues, and her owners felt they could no longer properly care for her.

Beau with favourite slipperDebbie Hughes, from Freshfields Animal Rescue, says, “Beau was fantastic and well behaved in the house, but on walks she felt threatened, particularly by groups of boys. We have no idea what Beau has been through, but we can imagine that life as a street dog was very frightening for her.”

“We’re optimistic that Beau will blossom in an understanding, experienced doggy home, preferably with people who have experience of rescue dogs. Support and advice will be available from our staff and animal behaviourist.”

As her issues are related to insecurity, she will benefit from time and patience to settle in. Beau is fearful and reactive around other dogs, and ideally needs an adult only home. She can live with a female teenager, but it would be best to have no young children and teenage boys in the house.

“Beau is an adorable, affectionate girl, ready for her forever family,” Debbie says.

If you think you might just be that family, you can call 0151 931 1604 or email

More information on Beau is available here.

Images by Freshfields Animal Rescue.


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