A dog had to be locked up overnight on the number 97 bus after it was abandoned in the pram and wheelchair area with no owner insight.

The bus driver, Amos Paul Mak, took a photo of the sorrowful-looking Staffordshire Bull Terrier and posted it to Facebook in the hopes of tracking down the owner. He had offered to take the dog home but was told he would be unable to due to company regulations.

The Evening Standard reported that Mak posted on Facebook:
“[The dog is] Affectionate enough but scared.

“Tried to move it onto another bus as the one it’s on is needed in service, [but] he won’t budge.

“Loves being rubbed around the head nice enough fella.”

He added, “It won’t move, it will stay on that bus til morning. I’m not allowed to take him in case he bites.”

A spokesman for Transport for London (TfL) told The Evening Standard, “We then called the police station at Forest Gate, which has a dog pound, but they said it had no space.

“The bus was taken out of service and taken to the bus garage at West Ham. They tried to get the dog off the bus but it was frightened and would not come off the bus.”

He added the dog was “well cared for and kept on the bus” until this morning when it was collected by the dog warden.

The dog is currently being looked after by Newham Council’s animal welfare team while the council tries to locate the owner.


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