Miller, a five-year-old Bull Mastiff cross, came into the RSPCA’s care in February last year after being attacked by his owner. The attack was caught on CCTV, and the RSPCA has remarked how scared Miller looked while being punching and kicking. His former owner was sentenced to eight weeks in prison and disqualified from keeping animals for five years after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Miller.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 16.08.53RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal said,  “When we interviewed his owner, he said that he had lost his temper when Miller was off his lead. Losing your temper is no excuse for attacking an animal in this way – it was completely unacceptable. When he was examined by a vet, Miller was obviously in pain from where he was kicked and punched. He would have suffered terribly.”

Now, 14 months on, Miller is eager to find a new, better home – but has so far failed to catch the eye of the centre’s visitors.

Danni Holder, kennel supervisor at the RSPCA’s Coventry, Nuneaton and District branch, said, “There has been no interest in poor Miller at all, which is such a shame because he is a lovely and friendly dog who has been through so much already.”

Miller loves his walks and will happily have a bath if taken anywhere near water.

“We would absolutely love it if we could find a new home for him soon. There will be the right family out there – we just need them to come forward and meet Miller. All he wants is a family who will give him lots of love and affection, which is what he deserves after everything he went through.”

Anyone interested in adopting Miller should contact the Coventry branch on 024 7633 6616.

Image by RSPCA.


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