Boston the Staffordshire was found alone and afraid on the 158 bus which travelled through east London on Thursday evening (read our previous story).

After discovering the dog in the pushchair and wheelchair area when the service terminated at Stratford Bus Station, bus driver Amos Paul Mak took to social media to try to find his owner. Boston, who wasn’t microchipped at the time, remained on the bus overnight at West Ham bus garage before being collected by Newham Council animal welfare team on Friday.

Since then, Boston’s owner has been found and yesterday (Tuesday 3 May) the pair were reunited. Paulina Rybak (pictured together above) said four-year-old Boston had disappeared on a walk on Thursday and fears someone tried to steal him before abandoning him on the bus.

Miss Rybak, who has owned Boston since he was a young puppy, said she and her two young children were devastated when he disappeared. She told The Evening Standard, “We took him outside and after few seconds, we couldn’t see him. We started looking for him but couldn’t find him.

“On Friday, in the morning, I went to my vet and told them I lost my dog and they told me to call Newham Council.

“They said “When we find the dog, we will let you know.” But we ended up finding him on the Evening Standard website.

“I was so happy I started crying. I thought we would never see him again.”

A Newham Council spokesperson said, “We are delighted that Boston has been reunited with his family. Our Animal Welfare team took care of him over the weekend while they tried to track down his owner. This incident should remind all dog owners of the importance of microchipping. If Boston had been microchipped, which is now a legal requirement, then it would have been much quicker and easier for him to have been returned to his correct owner. His owner contacted the team on Saturday and picked him up yesterday (3 May) after all the necessary checks by the council were made to ensure Boston would be returning to a safe and loving home.”

Boston pictured with Newham Council’s animal welfare team


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