When nine-year-old Bobo was rushed to Blue Cross’s animal hospital, his owners feared the worst. He was in a great deal of pain, had been sick several times, had no appetite and was extremely dehydrated.

Tracey Nicholson, Veterinary Nurse at Grimsby animal hospital, said, “Bobo was very ill and we had to tell them the devastating news that we were really very worried about him. We gave him immediate care, with pain relief and fluids, and ran early tests. The poor boy cried out in pain when vets examined his abdomen, so we knew we needed to investigate further.”

Bobo was given a general anesthetic so tests could be carried out and an X-ray showed a foreign body in his stomach. Vets conducted urgent surgery and discovered a yellow egg-shaped Kinder Surprise box – toy included!

076 Bobo Kinder Surpise Egg

“The surgery team carefully removed the item and were shocked to discover not only had Bobo swallowed a Kinder Surprise plastic shell, but also that a Michelangelo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy was still inside!” Tracy explained.

“Foreign bodies like toys can cause blockages inside a dog’s gut, which can sadly be fatal if not removed in time, so they need to be treated quickly,” added Tracy.

“If you are concerned that your dog may have eaten something they shouldn’t have, call your vet as soon as possible for advice.”

After treatment, Bobo is now home and his owners report he is now back up to his usual tricks.

Credit: Blue Cross

076 Bobo now


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