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“Do you want to adopt the dog?” That’s what a woman, walking an extremely energetic dog, asked me as she walked by my place in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, USA, I didn’t and couldn’t (dogs not allowed in my apartment complex).
However, the dog in question happened to be the dog of the road that was kept outside 24/7. I had always felt sorry for him. Though not thinking adoption, I started walking the dog (Lance, a Border Collie) on a regular basis. He made me feel like a kid again.

One walk led to another and we began having adventures unlike any I had ever had with any of my previous dogs. It got harder and harder to hook him back up to his run following our treks. You know, that guilt thing.

The woman walking him was not Lance’s official owner. His owners wanted nothing to do with him so this woman (Anna) had set up a doghouse and run on his owners property. She had been the one feeding and walking him, until I took over walking duties. In what was probably a life saving exercise, my wife and I rescued Lance. That’s where the story really gets interesting. I can’t reveal more because I’m writing a book on the whole crazy thing.

What I can say is that I changed Lance’s life, but he changed mine to. -Walter Stoffel
photo by author’s wife

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