If you ever needed a video to dispel the vicious myths about Staffordshire Bull Terriers, look no further than this one. When Harvey, a seven-year-old brindle Staffie, was finding life in rescue kennels a real worry, staff at Lincolnshire branch of Jerry Green Dog Rescue bought him into their office for some quiet time. It was then that Harvey was caught on camera being totally irresistibly adorable: suckling on his blanket and snoring away.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue shared this lovely post on its Facebook page and the response has been incredible, with over 20,000 shares to try and get homeless Harvey a new family. He has had enquiries from Australia and the USA, but sadly no offers as yet from the local area.

Via Jerry Green Dog Rescue.
Via Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

Harvey is very friendly; he can live with children and other dogs. You can find out more about him here.

Featured image via Facebook/Jerry Green Dog Rescue.


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