Who says all animal shelters should look the same? Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada is offering its canine residents a life of luxury during their stay.

Clare Forndran from the shelter says:

“When Dog Tales was created, our aim was to create a luxurious environment that contrasted the idea of the cold, stark shelter that we have all grown so accustomed to. We believe that all dogs deserve nothing but the best, and we want them to be as comfortable as possible while they wait for forever homes. Each room is decorated differently, and each with its own purpose. (The modified dressers give shy dogs a place to hide. The iron bed frames are perfect for dogs who would otherwise try to chew their furniture.)


“Much of the furniture and décor in our shelter is antique, found at flea markets or online. The dog beds were designed by the founder of our shelter, Danielle Eden, and were custom made. The entire space was decorated exclusively by Danielle, who has an incredible eye for design.


“Many of our dogs come to us from shelters with extremely poor conditions. When the dogs arrive at our shelter you can instantly see that they feel comfortable, safe. As they settle into their new rooms there is also a collective sigh of relief. Dogs that are surrendered to our shelter directly from a home have an easier and less stressful transition as the rooms are meant to simulate a home. All of our dogs are walked eight times a day, have access to kilometres of hiking trails, therapy pools, and a grooming spa, and receive constant love and attention from our dedicated staff and volunteers.


“Our decorated environment gives visitors a more positive shelter experience that allows them to spend the time that is needed to find the right match without feeling emotionally drained. By seeing happy dogs in comfortable kennels, they are more likely to adopt for the right reasons, rather than simply feeling sorry for the dogs and wanting to remove them from the environment. Our goal is to make rescuing a fun, and even glamorous, experience so that it becomes a more common practice.”


Find out more about Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary here.


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