Spring and summer time may make dog walking less muddy and more fun but they can also cause your dog’s allergies to flare-up. If you’re one of the many owners who notices their dog scratching this time of year there are some changes you could make such as food, washing powder and trying different walking locations, but some allergies will never be completely resolved.

Veterinary herbal medicine company Dorwest have launched their skin campaign #hotunderthecollar to offer advice to concerned owners on combating canine skin complaints. Through their social media channels they’ll be providing daily tips, as well as a ‘Four Step Plan’ on their blog to manage skin disorders. This easy to follow plan explains underlying causes and provides advice for ongoing management care including issues such as environmental factors, feeding and grooming. On Fridays between 1 and 2pm they’ll also be running skin-focused ‘Ask the advisor’ sessions on their Facebook page until 12 June.

Jo Boughton-White, Managing Director says, “This time of year our advice lines are so busy as unfortunately when the weather warms up and the pollen levels increase, so do the number of dogs suffering from skin disorders. It is really important to approach skin disorders in a logical way, and so we have launched our new Four Step Plan as part of our Hot Under The Collar skin campaign this year. This starts by looking at your dogs bedding and their environment, then on to grooming, followed by their diet, and finally onto a licensed herbal treatment. By tackling skin disorders in this complete way, it can really prove successful to managing everyday chronic issues. Industry experts have written articles on each step and these can be viewed on the Dorwest blog.”

To celebrate the campaign they have also brought back their Facebook photo competition. Submit a photo of your dog enjoying the first signs of summer, and the winner will receive a designer collar and lead set by Holly & Lil, designers of unique leather dog collars, and handmade in London. Go to their Facebook page to take part and the winner will be announced Monday 13 June.


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