Today, Wednesday 25 May, over 100 guide dogs and their owners are gathering at the Houses of Parliament for a mass lobby. The aim: to raise awareness of the shocking number of guide dogs owners who are regularly excluded from shops and services due to the presence of their dogs.

The charity Guide Dogs states that 3 out of 4 of their owners have been turned away from a taxi, business or public place after being told their dog is not welcome. Not only is this completely illegal, it can make blind and partially-sighted people feel excluded, angry and embarrassed, not to mention prevent them from living a normal life.

MPs will meet guide dog owners to understand the problem, and discuss how it can be addressed. The day is called Action For Access, and you can show your support on Twitter using the hashtag #ActionForAccess

You can also support the ongoing Access All Areas campaign by Guide Dogs here.

Featured image ‘Ruby in training’ by Keith Heywood. All rights reserved.


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