A three-week-old kitten with flea anaemia was on the brink of death when rushed to the Blue Cross Victoria animal hospital. His red blood cells’ count was dangerously low, and his only chance of making it was a transfusion. Luckily, one of the hospital workers’ cat, Diego, turned out to be a match. After the transfusion, then kitten – now called Diego Junior – needed plenty of rest, and Diego spent two days with him. Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.21.13

Despite having to also battle a join inflammation, Diego Junior is now on the way to recovery.

Amanda Marrington, Welfare Officer at Victoria, said, “Diego has given absolutely everything to this kitten, he is a hero. And Diego Junior has amazed us. He was so poorly when he came in that I didn’t think he’d be alive the next day.

“But he has overcome every hurdle thrown at him. First he had the flea anaemia and then he had the problems with his legs, but he has survived it all. He’s a little fighter. To watch him learning to climb up his scratching post in his pen after all of that has just made us so happy.”

Diego Junior was really lucky that one of the hospital workers’ cats happened to be a match; had it not been for that stroke of luck, his story would have had a premature and much different ending.

Dogs and cats all over the UK are in need of a blood transfusion every day, as the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has recently brought up.

You can find out whether your pet is fit to become a blood donor by talking to your vet. If he is, his blood just might save a dog or cat in need.

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Images by Blue Cross.


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