The July 2016 issue of Dogs Monthly is on sale now. Inside you’ll find…

Look at her now! – Doodee, this month’s cover star, has come an awfully long way
Man’s best muse – Intricate mosaics and canine inspiration
Rescue dogs to super dogs – A new Channel 4 series helps rescue dogs change their owner’s lives
Dog soldiers – The story of two British soldiers killed in Afghanistan, and the dogs who fell with them
When dogs become jobs – We speak to the UK’s leading Tellington TTouch instructor
Breed focus – Alternative breeds for the Shih Tzu
Pop art bowls – Get crafty and turn your dog’s dinner bowl into a work of art
Bob’s incredible journey – The ups and downs of Border Collie Bob’s fight for life
Close-up of a friendship – One dog and his special toy: pictures to make you smile
Good relations – How to build a balanced relationship and reap the rewards
Bulldog blues – Helpful advice for the owner of two Bulldog girls on the defensive
Attention! – Why affection and rewards should be earned
Secret diary of a dog trainer – Our undercover trainer reveals the truth of their trade
The HiLife Trophy – Meet this month’s nominees and find out how you and your buddy could be next
K9 Queries – Your questions answered by experts in their field on care, health, training, behaviour, insurance, grooming, breeding, puppy care, feeding and veterinary matters.

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