Chandi, an Alaskan Malamute, had suffered for several years with allergies leaving her coat with bald patches and her skin with painful lesions. Chandi’s owner Khunsha Saleem had been given a prescription for a specialist shampoo by her vet, but this seemed to exacerbate the condition. Then Chandi’s groomers, The Mutz Nutz Spa, advised they try something new.

A spokesperson for The Mutz and Nutz Spa said, “Chandi had been coming to our grooming salon for the past two years. She has suffered from excessive hair loss, resulting in bald patches, itching and sore red skin. Her owner would always bring her own shampoo, Malaseb, which her vet had prescribed for Chandi’s skin condition. Recently her condition deteriorated, to the extent that her skin was so dry and cracked that it just opened up as we touched it. She was covered in red, sore, weeping lesions and was in such pain a few weeks ago at her grooming session a few weeks ago that she became uncharacteristically aggressive, to the extent we thought we would no longer be able to groom her.

They suggested trying a shampoo with all natural ingredients that would help to keep Chandi’s skin that would help to soothe and cleanse without remove any natural oils. Since using WildWash Sensitive Chandi’s owner has noticed a dramatic improvement. The sores have healed and Chandi’s fur is beginning to grow back.

“We asked Chandi’s owner, if she would cease using the Maleseb for a few weeks and we agreed we would use WildWash Sensitive on her skin. The improvement was almost immediate. We saw Chandi two weeks after her first bath with WildWash Sensitive. The red lesions had healed and the fur had started to grow back. We saw her again last week and well, she was a different dog! The fur had grown some more, and was starting to look more even as the previous bald patched were filling in, her skin was elastic again and there was no soreness or redness.”

Chandi After
After switching shampoos, Chandi’s skin began to improve

Wildwash advise owners that it is important to look after your dogs skin, especially during the summer months when they are more susceptible to allergies and insect bites. “When skin is looked after and kept in optimum condition, it is less likely to succumb to infections. We also use natural insect repellents in our shampoos that will help keep away the summer pests and prevent pets from itching and irritating their skin.”


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