The staff at Detroit Dog Rescue, in Michigan, USA, were delighted when Sir Wiggleton’s was finally adopted after almost 100 days in the shelter. To celebrate the adoption they put online a lovely picture of the dog, now named Diggy, grinning at the camera along with his brand new owner Dan Tillery. The image went viral – but ended up gathering the wrong kind of attention.

The city of Waterford has a dangerous dog ordinance in place which bans Pit Bulls, and since police officers identified Diggy as one – despite the adoption papers and a vet stating that he is actually an American Bulldog – Dan has been told he has to give him up. To keep that from happening, a petition has been launched to lift the ban on Pit Bulls.

“Many families have had to give up their family pets due to this law,” the petition reads. “It is important for all of us to come together and be a voice for not only Diggy the American Bulldog, but all of the pets and people that have suffered heartache in the past years.”

The UK’s Dangerous Dogs Act is far stricter – as it applies to the whole country, dogs of banned breeds cannot simply be relocated – and has resulted with the deaths of thousands of dogs due to nothing but their breed, or even just their looks. Almost 5,000 such dogs have been seized in England and Wales in the past three years under suspicion of being banned ‘types’.


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