Wonton Soup and his new little brother Miso Soup are just two small, very fluffy, adorable Pekingese dogs living in Boston who are turning hearts to mush.


Owner Max Gonzalez set up the one-year-old’s account when Wonton was just a pup after realising his fame potential. They currently have an Instagram following of over 38,000 on their account @wontonsoup_the_peke.

Wonton Soup and his brother Miso Soup
Wonton Soup and his brother Miso Soup

He’s been described as a “little ewok” by one fan while others believe he has a promising modelling career ahead of him.


Max shares pictures of Wonton Soup’s daily adventures which includes playing in the garden, meeting other animal friends and slow-mo running videos.

Max is Wonton’s own personal groomer as well and says it takes a daily regime to keep the locks looking shiny, “I do all of Wonton and Miso’s grooming at home by myself. My girlfriend doesn’t even help! I have to brush everyday with expensive brushes and sprays to make sure he doesn’t get knots behind his ears.”

Wonton is ballin!!! #tbt

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