Next Tuesday (July 5) will be Pet Remembrance Day, a national day for pet lovers to remember their deceased pets, and this year it will be in aid of a charity that finds ‘forever homes’ for older dogs.

The Oldies Club is a national charity which rehomes dogs aged seven or over and celebrities including TV vet Emma Milne (pictured) have already lined up to support the national day of remembrance.

Emma explains, “As a vet and a pet owner, I have experienced the devastation of pet loss from every angle. One of the hardest things for any vet is helping owners through the most difficult times of their lives but it is also our most important job. Having had to make the decision to end my own pets’ lives as well as those of my clients’ pets I completely understand the incredible sense of guilt and the mix of other emotions we all go through.

“For me, like everyone else, animals are part of the family. My ‘boys’, Pan and Badger, were with me for 15 years through thick and thin and their loss utterly crushed me. Events like Pet Remembrance Day are hugely important to bring people together through shared anguish and unite them to help them remember the great times with their pets rather than just the final moments.”

Animal lovers are being asked to dig deep and pledge their support for the charity and use the day as an opportunity to celebrate the lives of their pets.

Lars Andersen, Managing Director of Arty Lobster, who co-founded the day, says, “Pets are increasingly regarded as members of our family, and we do not remember them as we should. Pet cremations in the UK are still a slowly growing market and pet memorials tend to be very ‘samey’ with the best you can hope for being an urn featuring the pet’s name.

“Pet Remembrance Day is proud to support The Oldies Club, which is a wonderful charity that makes a huge difference to the lives of our beloved companion animals.”

Olive Armstrong, The Oldies Club, explains, “Our pets are members of our families too, and to dedicate a special day to remember them is a great idea.

“At The Oldies club, we have so many older dogs desperately in need of new forever homes in which to see out their final years. Older dogs can be the most loving and special dogs and they crave love and a nice spot in a warm home to snooze. We have so many people who have adopted an older dog and say they would definitely do so again, as they have had such a good experience with the dog. We are also looking for people who would like to foster an older dog, so please do get in touch with us via our website if you can help.”

Next Tuesday, get involved by sharing photos and stories on social media using the hashtag #PetRemembranceDay.


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