Freya, long-time resident of the Freshfields Animal Rescue, became sadly known as Britain’s Loneliest Dog: all of her six years of life were spent in the rescue, as poor Freya is epileptic and that resulted with potential owners rejecting her thousands of times. Her luck, however, turned when film director Michael Bay gave her a role in upcoming Transformers 5, and promised to find her a home – or to take her in himself should he not succeed.

Freya snoozingIt didn’t have to come to that: Ray and Jackie from Cheadle Hulme spotted Freya when she was featured on ‘Good Morning Britain’, and got in touch with the rescue. Soon, it became clear they were the ones.

Collette Piert, Kennels Manager, said, “It was obvious from the beginning that Ray and Jackie had something special with Freya. They immediately understood what she needed, and have worked closely with us over the last few weeks to put in place the support and guidance we provided. They are very experienced dog-owners and already have 2 rescue dogs, Teddy and Joanie.

“The adoption papers will be signed this week, and finally Freya will be part of a family who can provide a stable home where she can enjoy her life to the full. We couldn’t be happier for her.”

Now that Freya has had her happy ending in real life, we need not worry too much about her on-screen fate – although of course all viewers are hoping to see her walking through the film unharmed and with a wagging tail.

Freya on bench

Images by Freshfields Animal Rescue.


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