My serious proposal;
“The Kennel Club Pedigree Dog Health Certificate”

Few in our breed appear to fully appreciate the kind of major decisions and consequential developments that are coming to effect our GSD and our Show scene, from the Kennel Club.

These decisions are very likely to split our breed like never before and like never imagined.

I sincerely hope we can all agree on the need to improve our GSD breeds conformation by a joint determination to eliminate our breeds extremes.

I would also hope that while the Kennel Club expresses determination to eliminate extremes affecting our GSD Breed, mainly if not solely based on “health reasons”. I very loudly call on the Kennel Club to be equally determined to demonstrate they truly and genuinely care about the health of our breed and of all Pedigree Dog Breeds, by introducing a “Kennel Club Pedigree Dog Health Certificate” suitably designed for each breed by appropriate joint consultation with representatives from each breed.

“The Kennel Club Pedigree Dog Health Certificate” could and in my opinion should include health test results which are relevant to each breed and which are readily available to all owners, exhibitors and breeders, through a Veterinary Practice or Laboratory.
It could or should include a DNA Parentage Test.

The Kennel Club should consult with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) on the formulation of the desirable requirements to be included in their KC Health Certificate. The KC should avoid using the term “recommended tests” and only include “required tests”.

The KC Pedigree Dog Health Certificate could/should eventually be a requirement for all dogs two years or over that are exhibited at Kennel Club licensed shows. It could/should also eventually be a requirement for both parents of litters to be KC Registered. I would hope that both these would become requirements in a minimum of 5 years of its introduction to each Pedigree Dog Breed.

These suggestions are recommended to the Kennel Club to provide the Kennel Club with, what many would consider, the respect of all involved with Pedigree Dogs within the United Kingdom and also throughout the World. Making the Kennel Club truly respected and admired for its genuine determination to seriously tackle Health Issues in Pedigree Dogs.

I personally and I’m sure the majority of German Shepherd enthusiasts as well as the majority of Pedigree Dog owners, prospective owners and their breeders, look forward to the day our British Kennel Club introduce “The Kennel Club Pedigree Dog Health Certificate.


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