A survey of 1016 pet owners by Tesco Bank showed almost a third did no research prior to adopting a dog or cat, leading to one in 10 owners saying they might not pick the same pet again. The research also revealed eight out of 10 owners found the early days with their pets challenging and almost half said they did no research to help solve the problem.

In response to this Tesco Bank have launched their brand new puppy and kitten 24/7 helpline, free to Clubcard members. The helpline will offer confidential advice from registered vet nurses on which breed of dog or cat is best suited to the potential pet owner’s lifestyle and how to prepare for the new arrival.

David McCreadie, Managing Director of Tesco Bank, said, “A bit like having a baby, deciding to own a pet is a life changing decision, and one that needs to be thought through thoroughly. What’s surprising is that new pet owners tend to make this decision quickly, and might not always have the time to research their choice. To help our customers during this time, we have launched a completely free phone line which they can turn to for advice. We see it as an essential little help to surviving the new arrival!”

Dr Mark Evans, veterinary surgeon and TV presenter, added, “Cats and dogs can enhance our lives in so many ways. So, they deserve the best in return. Making sure they stay happy and healthy is not a given. It is up to us to ensure they get the most out of their lives and that’s a big and serious responsibility. It takes time, effort and money. But, get it right and the rewards for them, and us, are huge. Choosing the most appropriate kind of pet and then the right individual is crucial. And, the care, nurturing and guidance you give them in the early days, weeks and months – as their minds and bodies develop and grow – is absolutely critical to success. Well done to Tesco for supporting would-be owners to become great pet pawrents!”

Tesco Bank’s Free New Pet Help Line is available on 0800 088 3125.


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