Fiona Cuthill, of Plean, Scotland, has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years and ordered to pay the Scottish SPCA compensation of £500 after pleading guilty to failing to provide sufficient adequate nutrition for her dog. The dog, named Snoop, was extremely emaciated when the SSPCA found him, following a report to their animal helpline. Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.31.14

“When I arrived I found Snoop in extremely thin condition and all his bones, especially his ribs and pelvic bones, were very prominent,” says Inspector Louise Seddon. “He was in a semi-collapsed state and was only able to stand with difficulty when lifted. It was clear Snoop needed immediate veterinary attention and as he was barely able to walk I had to carry him to my van.”

Snoop was starving and severely dehydrated, to the point vets were not sure he would survive; they believe that he would have died for certain if help had come only days later – or within couple of weeks at most if he had access to water, which he clearly did not.

“The vet advised that Snoop had been caused significant prolonged suffering by starvation and or chronic undernourishment over many months,” Louise says. “Snoop remained at the vets on fluid therapy and received round the clock care and he gradually improved with simple, careful feeding. When Snoop was admitted on 16 November 2015, his weight was recorded as 5.85kg and by 30 December this had increased to 9.2kg. By 13 May 2016 he was a healthy 14.2 kg, which is over double his original weight.”

The SSPCA is pleased not only that the neglectful owner has been dealt with, but also that Snoop has made a full recovery and has found a new, loving home.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.31.22

Images by SSPCA.


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