Brothers Bandito and Luigi have become an unlikely travelling duo. Their owners may say they fight like cat and dog but these two prove family can come in all shapes, sizes and species.

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Seven-year-old Bandito the Pug and his best feline friend Luigi, one, completed their most epic challenge a year ago when they became the first pug and cat to trek 1000km across Spain. The Camino de Santiago trail took six weeks to complete from their original home in Barcelona to a new home and life in southern Spain.

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Owners Finn Kristian Paus, from Norway, and Sebastian Smetham, from the UK, used a special dog stroller to help them on their way, which both Bandito and Luigi use.

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“We decided to walk to change our lives and lifestyle,” says Sebastian. “It was the boys that made us realise this – especially the arrival of Luigi. We worked very unsocial and long hours and we didn’t want the animals to be an inconvenience, just going out for a boring walk with the dog and worrying about cars with the cat.

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“We walked across Spain in search of a new way of living. After the Camino de Santiago we bought an old builder’s van and lived in that for a couple of months. We found a place that’s perfect for the boys to live in. We owe them a lot!”

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They continue to document their adventures online and have over 50,000 followers combined on Instagram and Facebook.

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Now Sebastian and Finn are hoping to collate all of Bandito and Luigi’s adventures into a book which will hopefully be released next year. Follow their adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Credit: Instagram


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