We featured teeny Trudy in our appeals after she became the smallest dog to arrive at Dogs Trust’s Manchester rehoming centre back in April.

Fortunately Trudy and her best pal Cleo, both Papillons, have been spotted by Paul and Alexandra Sharman, who fell in love with the dinky duo. Now that they’ve settled into their new home, Paul and Alexandra can’t imagine life without them.

“They are just fantastic,” says Paul. “They have enriched our lives so much. If we pop out, when we come back they are both so excited they jump around like young pups! They certainly don’t act their age. They are wonderful.”

When 12-year-old ‘Tiny Trudy’, as she was named by staff, arrived at the centre she weighed just 1.4kg, less than a bag of flour. She and Cleo, aged 10, had found themselves homeless after their owner sadly had to go into residential care and couldn’t take them along.

Photo 3 - Trudy weighed less than a bag of flour when she arrived at Dogs Trust Manchester.

Dawn Bishop, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Manchester, says, “When Trudy arrived we were so surprised at how tiny she was but what the two don’t have in height, they definitely make up for in personality. It’s particularly sad when older dogs come to us in these circumstances as they have had everything they’ve known for years and years taken away from them through no fault of their own, so it was wonderful when Paul and Alexandra said they would like to adopt them.

“When we waved them off it was a very happy goodbye as sometimes it can be difficult to rehome older dogs, especially when they come as a pair as Trudy and Cleo definitely did.”

Paul says, “Trudy doesn’t like going quite as far as Cleo but they both love their walks and then having a cuddle when we get home. They are a delight and I’d definitely recommend giving an older dog, or two, a second chance.”


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