Digital music streaming service Deezer has partnered with animal behaviourist Dr David Sands to identify two ultimate playlists to keep the nation’s pooches healthy and happy.

Together they analysed track frequency and beats per minute (BPM) to scientifically define two ultimate playlists; one to keep canines content and the other to create up-tempo happiness.

Their research discovered that stop-start rhythms and high frequencies raise the pulse and create a more energetic canine. Songs on the playlist include White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army,The Prodigy’s Firestarter and Outkast’s Hey Ya.

Dr Sands says, “Increasing decibels allows dogs to pick up ‘Good Vibrations’ so play sharp staccatos of notes to keep your dogs excited and happy. Keeping the playlist to a few tracks at this intensity followed by a short break allows your dog to rest and prevent hyperactivity.”

To help promote calm, pick a slow beat to match a steady heart rate. Most dog’s heart rate is around the 60-140 beats per minute so Adele’s Someone Like You, and Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself are perfect.

But it was rap that proved most calming, such as Snopp Dogg. Dr Sands explains, “In my clinical research with people, pets and sounds, I’ve discovered dogs totally chill to spoken words. Words become associated with togetherness and calm.”

Dr David Sands has developed the ultimate happy and calming playlists on Deezer to coincide with the original ‘Health & Happiness’ TV ad campaign which features a doggie duo choosing between Deezer’s personalised soundtrack tool ‘Flow’ and an old CD player. Deezer have also created a special “Animal-only” version of the TV ad featuring a specially inserted soundtrack audible only to our four-legged friends.

Deezer are asking owners to share their dogs reactions to the playlists by posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #GoneFullDeezer.

Check out the Happy Playlist and Calming Playlist.


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